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RODIN olio lusso Luxury HAIR OIL

The beauty buzz on the streets is that oils are the coveted item of the moment, and it shows no sign of abating anytime soon. With so many different choices on the market, let me make your decision a bit simpler by showcasing an exciting new range to b-glowing called RODIN olio lusso. 

The creator Linda Rodin has a fabulous career in fashion as a model and stylist and her bio is that of a lot of by-accident entrepreneurs. She was just playing around in her apartment, trying to find a remedy for her perpetually dry skin. After trying every product on the market with no avail, she took matters in her own hands and began mixing different oils to try and create a super-serum. Her goal was to find oils that contained skin brightening, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties such as jasmine and neroli.

She never intended to sell her serum but once her little glass vials got into the hands of models and makeup artists on set and word spread from different stylish friend to another, her oils quickly had a huge cult fashion following. Linda Rodin and her brand RODIN olio lusso was just featured in Vogue’s August “Age Issue,” showcasing this uber-chic 63 year old and her range that combines luxury and simplicity. Her oil products are formulated with eleven essential oils infused with jasmine, neroli, sweet almond, apricot seed, and argan oil to name a few.

I cannot express to you how divine and intoxicating her oils are. In an instant olio lusso Hair Oil will leave your locks silky smooth with a subtle sheen and zero flyways. The RODIN olio lusso Face Oil is from another planet. Only a small amount is needed to cover your entire face and you breathe in amazing jasmine and neroli scents for hours. Not to mention how soft and supple your skin feels afterwards.

Oil based products tend to get a bad wrap sometimes, and rightfully so because it always comes down to the ingredients. RODIN olio lusso gives your skin a dewy, angelic glow but without all the greasy residue that gets on your clothes or never absorbs into your skin. The only evidence it was there is the subtle luminescence it leaves behind that make people’s head turn!

One bottle will last forever and this range really is to glamorous to pass up! Take a sneak peak at this cult product range below……

Rodin olio lusso Luxury Face Oil. Packed with eleven essential oils derived from flowers and other botanicals, this is the ideal liquid moisturizer for anyone seeking a simple solution to hydrated skin and a luminous, light-reflecting complexion. Like magic, it effortlessly melts into complexions that are “normal,” oily, dry, or any combination thereof, without leaving any greasy residue.

Rodin olio lusso Luxury Body Oil. The fabulous blend of essential oils that have given the original RODIN olio lusso its near-magical powers when smoothed onto the face have been rearranged as a heavenly veil to caress large expanses of skin that need quenching.

RODIN olio lusso Luxury BODY OIL

Rodin olio lusso Luxury Hair Oil. Every bit as exquisite—and effective—as the original RODIN olio lusso face oil, this aromatic potion was formulated for RODIN olio lusso by renowned hairdresser Bob Recine. It combines six of the original emollient-packed RODIN olio lusso essential oils (apricot kernel, calendula, sunflower seed, sweet almond, neroli, jojoba) with rosemary and juniper.

RODIN olio lusso Luxury HAIR OIL

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