SK-II: Beautiful skin starts with a beautiful ritual

updated 1/14/19

SK-II ritual

Incredibly effective and ultra-indulgent, nothing says “I’m worth it. I’m taking care of myself.” like a daily SK-II ritual. Turn your morning routine into an indulgent, self-care experience that’s good for your spirit—and even better for your skin—with these five steps:


Step 1: Cleanse
Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil + Your favorite foaming cleanser


The first step to any SK-II ritual? Gently cleansing your face both morning and night. If you wear makeup during the day, we recommend double-cleansing. Remove makeup with the Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, the follow with your favorite foaming cleanser.


Step 2: Tone
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion


Toning is an essential step—it gently and effectively removes impurities, shrinks pores, and prepares your skin for the Facial Treatment Essence. Think of it as the final step cleansing process, removing that laaaaast bit of dirt and oil sitting deep in your pores. To use, soak a cotton pad in Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, then gently sweep it across your face. Start with your T-Zone, and concentrate mostly on oily areas.


Step 3: Treat
Facial Treatment Essence


The Facial Treatment Essence is the heart and soul of the SK-II ritual. Dubbed as a “Miracle Water” by skincare experts, the best-selling formula is enriched with more than 90% Pitera™. This exclusive SK-II bio-ingredient ingredient is derived from yeast fermentation, and is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Use it to speed up cell renewal, boost skin’s moisture levels, and create a glowing complexion.
To apply, sprinkle a small amount into palms. Rub them together to warm the product, then press gently into the skin.


Step 4: Target
An essence for your specific concern


Next, target specific concerns with a serums or treatments. Serums are great for addressing unique-to-you problems on your skin. For example—if hyperpigmentation is your issue—opt for GenOptics Aura Essence. Looking to combat fine lines and enlarged pores? Try the R.N.A. POWER Essence serum. Whatever your skincare concern, SK-II has a serum that’s ready to tackle it.


Step 5: Moisturize
R.N.A Power Cream


Finally, finish with an ultra-nourishing moisturizer of your choice. Just like with serums, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to moisturizers, so choose one based on your unique concerns. We’re particularly fond of the R.N.A Power Cream’s firming, smoothing abilities. Follow with an SPF, and voila—the ritual is complete.