St. Tropez Self Tanning Q&A For Brides


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Right on the heels of summer self tanning and in the midst of wedding season, we caught up with St. Tropez, the world leader in sunless tanning, to get some answers to the most frequently asked self tanning questions from brides. In a exclusive interview, Sophie Evans (St. Tropez's Skin Finishing Expert) shares everything you need to know to glow with confidence no matter where the summer takes you. 

Q: How long before the big day should you self tan?

A: If you can do a trial run before the big day this will solve this conundrum. But generally, if you were getting married on a Saturday you would have it done on a Thursday night so that it has time to settle on the skin and develop properly.

Q: How do you protect your mani/pedi during a self-tan session?

A: Simply wipe over the nails and cuticles with a wet/cleansing wipe after self tan application to avoid any yellow staining.

Q: How do you fix a self tan gone wrong? Day before? Day of?

A: Day before try dry exfoliating, then use a hot wet slightly rough cloth to smooth away and remove the excess exfoliator and darkness. St Tropez Self Tan Remover will work better, use undiluted then remove in the same way as the exfoliator. This process may have to be repeated a few times. If the tan is still too dark you can use a hair depilatory cream like Bliss Fuzz Off and leave on for about 1/2 the time as recommended. If you leave the hair removal cream on for the full time this will completely take the tan off the skin, usually when we correct mistakes we want to even out the skin not completely remove. If it's the day before you can whizz over the area with a gradual light tan to even and if it's on the day of you can go over the skin with a cosmetic bronzer like St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion. This will be a temporary fix so best to sort the day before the big day!

Q: How do you keep a self tan looking natural?

A: Use St. Tropez Body Polish every few days so that the tan remains and always fades evenly and you do not build up too much color with repeated tan applications. The Body Polish will lightly exfoliate your skin and will not rip or tear into your tan so it is 100 percent safe to use every few days to maintain a perfect prestige tan at all times.

Q: What are your tips for self tanning in white?

A: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse will dry in 60 seconds flat and is touch and transfer proof in 60 seconds. However, it's always best to apply self tan a few days before the big event and take your first shower before wearing your beautiful dress. If you sweat heavily due to nerves! -the tan may rub onto the inside of your dress, if the first initial guide color is not washed off. Once the first guide color is washed off you can sweat as much as you like! FYI: St. Tropez self tans do wash out of almost every fabric.

Q: How can you make your self tan last through the honeymoon?

A: The best product to take on honey moon is a gradual tan product, this will boost your color and hydrate your skin. St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan is brilliant! It hydrates plus firms and tones the skin. There are no tricks when applying a gradual tan, just use like a regular body moisturizer but make sure you wash your hands afterwards. Use every 3 – 4 days. We would also highly recommend a self tan for the face. The face will fade the quickest due to cleansing and exposure. Face self tanning only lasts a few days so reapplication is important.

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