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Skincare guru Tammy Fender sure knows her stuff! We recently sat down with the beauty behind the brand to learn more about her tonics and how to incorporate them easily into our existing skincare routine. Read on to learn all about this skin-saving step you might regret skipping!

Q: How are tonics used?

A: For me, the tonics offer a direct, unadulterated connection with the botanical world, powerful and so pure, and I use them many times a day. Just the scent of Bulgarian Rose Water creates an transportive atmosphere of sweet, gentle heart healing. Sometimes I lay cotton pads wet with Roman Chamomile Tonic over my tired, puffy eyes. And when I’m seeking re-energizing refreshment, Essential C Tonic gives me a bright boost. 

Q: How are tonics different than toners?

A: Our tonics harness the pure living energy of ultra-pure botanical ingredients in order to soothe and revitalize skin without ever stripping away its natural protective barriers, as an aggressive astringent might. Our flower tonics are formulated to detoxify, refresh, heal, enliven and cool the skin without ever over-drying or introducing further stress.

Q: What are the differences between your three tonics? 

A: Bulgarian Rose Water is a powerful cell rejuvenator, with its essence at the true core of feminine beauty. It re-balances delicate skin tissues, repairing damage, re-hydrating and toning. It’s deeply healing on every level. In the same way, Roman Chamomile is soothing, hydrating and relaxing—an anti-inflammatory formulation that promotes calmness and inner peace. And Essential-C Tonic is cooling and exhilarating, packed with antioxidants and invigorating herbal essences like Bergamot, Orange Peel and Lemon Balm that revitalize and tone the skin while energizing the senses.

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