The Beauty Forum: How To Do The Baking Makeup Trick


Third in our Beauty Forum series, experts from our Beauty Concierge department share  why baking is an awesome makeup trick, and how to do it. Lucky lady Ashten is up next to get made up by our masters.


The Baking Makeup Trick


This stage-ready makeup trick was brought to life by the most fabulous of them all…drag queens. Love that! We wanted to give Ashten an all-night look that’s made to give the ultimate illusion on stage. 




We started with a basic contour, and then thickly applied a light powder to the areas of her face to create a more prominent-looking bone structure. Then we let the product sit for 10 minutes to warm up or “bake” into her skin. Once time was up, we lightly flicked off the excess and added just a touch of color-matching powder to even out the look. This super dramatic look can also be made more subtle, simply apply less product.



PRO TIP: Use a setting spray to make sure this look stays put all day/night/whenever!


Have you rocked your own runway with this look? Share a photo with us on Instagram, using hashtag #bglowing so we can see you in all your glory.


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