The Beauty Forum: The Strobing Makeup Technique


Next up in our Lunchtime Lessons series—learn the strobing makeup technique! If you missed our first post in this series, Lunchtime Lessons is an hour in our crazy busy Mondays when our Beauty Concierge masters teach the team valuable beauty tips and tricks. Each week one very lucky b-glowing babe is plucked from the pack to practice on. This week, all eyes are on Aubree. 

Strobing Makeup

This sculpting technique uses only highlight and shimmer to catch the parts of Aubree’s already flawless bone structure. When strobing, dab on a liquid illuminator or lightly swipe a brush loaded with a shimmery powder on your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, temples and ridge of your nose.

After seeing the before and after pics, you’ll understand why most of us in the office use at least one illuminating product. The look is super easy to achieve and the results—a healthy, gorgeous glow—are just too good to pass up.

PRO TIP: Oily skin does better with powder shimmer, dry does better with liquid.

Follow these tips to achieve your own effortless strobing effect, then post a photo to Instagram with hashtag  #bglowing so we can celebrate your beauty along with you.

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