The DIY Blowout. You CAN achieve the look at home!


It's undeniable: the salon blowout is a heavenly (and addictive) experience. Walk in with lackluster locks, walk out with bombshell tresses. The delicious smell of shampoo, the relaxing scalp massage, and your mane in the hands of a pro blowout maestro who knows the exact combination of product and hair dryer maneuvering to achieve that sleek straight hair look or an awesome curl that lasts…it's a treat. And we at b-glowing are ALL about luxurious self care! 

Regardless of your hair type or texture, all women certainly appreciate a salon quality blowout. So, imagine if you could achieve this look at home. 

We're all self-made women who have done at least two of the following: fixed clogged sinks, run boardrooms, given birth, originated creative ideas, and run miles on the treadmill, in the gym, or on a hike….so we have an inkling that with a little DIY input from our beloved Beauty Concierge, you'll be able to master something challenging-feeling like the blowout. As with most anything in life, practice makes perfect. 

Scroll further to read step-by-step instructions, and let us know about your blowout successes in the comments below. 



1. Begin by towel drying hair to remove excess water. This will cut your dry time down exponentially. This is important so you use as little heat on your hair as possible. Using a blow-dry spray like Color Wow’s Speed Dry will help reduce dry time as well.


2. Apply styling product to hair, starting at the ends and working your way up through the midshaft towards the roots. Too much product at the roots can leave hair flat. If you have thin or fine hair you will want to use a root spray such as Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Blow Dry Spray.


3. If hair is still pretty damp after towel drying, use a blow dryer to dry hair about 80% of the way. If your blow dryer has a nozzle attachment, use it. Always keep the nozzle attachment pointed down as this will help smooth cuticles down.


4. Create 3-4 sections using clips. If you have fringe, blow dry this part first as it typically dries quicker than the rest of your hair.


5. Next, start drying sections at the bottom, no larger than the round brush you are using. Keep the dryer and round brush moving at all times. Too much heat in one area can scorch hair, especially if your hair color treated or damaged from environmental stresses. Be sure you are pulling sections taut. If your dryer has a “cool shot” button, use this to close down the hair cuticle on your final pass.  (Pro tip: Try using Marula Cocktail from Rare El'ements. This leave-in mist is silicone free and helps restore luster and protects split ends. A few spritzes of this spray before blow drying and your thirsty locks will thank you).


6. After blow-drying, you can pass a flat iron through hair as needed. Finish with a serum, such as REVERIE MILK anti-frizz leave-in nourishing treatment or a light hold spray such as Voila Finishing Spray from Lea Juorno

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