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We spoke with Susie Rogers, co-author of The Hormone Doctor, spa owner, and founder of brand Beauty Works West. In a exclusive interview, she provided us and our devotees with some great insight into looking and feeling youthful no matter your age. 

Q.  Why did you decide to develop the “Youth” in a jar Vitamin?

A. When I was experiencing my mid-life changes, I consulted with a hormone specialist and we discussed how I could go through my changes “naturally”. He explained to me how as we age our human growth hormone depletes, as well as other key hormones. The next step was putting me on the combination of ingredients which are in our “Youth” capsules. The first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping better, and didn’t feel so achy in my joints. After about two months I noticed my skin was plumping up, I had more energy and my hair and nails started growing like mad. I then approached the doctor with the idea to combine the four ingredients into one pot as I was tired of hiding my ugly jars off away in a drawer and having to make sure I always had all the jars on hand. So off we went to the best labs in Paris, put the combination of amino acids together using only the purest ingredients, designed some beautiful packaging, tested them on our clients in the spa, with amazing results and passed EU, FDA and every other regulation you can imagine and our brand was launched.

Q.  What is the most important thing women can do to stay healthy and look and feel good.

A.  There isn’t one important thing, but several. Exercise in non-negotiable. Our bodies were meant to move and studies show that woman that exercise regularly, stay younger biologically and mentally. Eating healthy food, and cutting out sugar, salt, junk food etc. also makes a big difference. Attitude is now proven by neuroscientists to play a major part in staying healthy as well as looking and feeling good. If you get all that right, then the next thing is to look after your skin, hair and body.

     Q.  What are some of the products and routines you recommend to you your clients?

A. At our spa we have very discerning and demanding clients who insist on the best and highest quality skincare that actually works. There are a lot of great brands out there and b-glowing has an amazing curation. It starts with a great cleansing routine, which is so important! For more mature skin, I would recommend something that not only cleanses but gently exfoliates at the same time. Then for a day and night regimen, I personally have fallen in love with the VERSO line with Retinol 8 Complex. It's great for more mature skin and it leaves my skin glowing. I also love a great serum, especially at night. I would recommend Drunk Elephant's T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum.

Q.  Okay, we have the face sorted what about the rest of the body?

A. Ladies, exfoliation, luxury body cream, sunless tan, and body makeup can make anybody look ten years younger. First, start every day by exfoliating with a body brush, I love the Body Brush attachment from  Clarisonic. Next, slather on a great body moisturizer. Once a week (or on special occasions, depending on preference) give yourself a tan! Sunless tanning products are so amazing these days, that orange look is long gone. In our spa we use James Read, it provides such great color and goes on like a dream. If sunless tanning isn’t your thing, try my star product Prtty Peaushun. We have been selling it in our spa for years and it is fabulous. It’s great for your skin, and gives you a lift when you’re feeling pale and flaky. It was developed by an amazing makeup artist Bethany Karlyn, who really knows her stuff.  

Q.  As you age your hair loses volume and the texture changes, what can you recommend?

A. Okay, I have to say take “Youth” – it really does make your hair grow quicker and thicker after a few months. You should see mine, it is so thick and grows so quickly I have to do my roots every ten days. But as we start graying unfortunately it will change the texture of your hair and all that hair dye will change the structure as well. There are so many great new hair dyes out there now that don’t damage your hair too badly, but finding a great hair dresser and getting the right cut and color is paramount and worth the investment. In our spa we recommend the Rahua range – their Omega 9 Hair Mask does wonders. But honestly, having a great cut and color will change the way you look but also, the way you feel. You know there’s nothing better than having a great hair day to make you feel amazing.

 Q.  Tell us about your new book, The Hormone Doctor.

Your hormones influence everything from your mood and concentration, to how well you sleep and look, to the size of your waistline and how young you look and feel. We wrote this book to give woman the power to take control of their hormones. Once you arm yourself with the facts you can make the changes needed to keep you feeling youthful and strong.

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