Our whole office is obsessed with this nail polish


Smith & Cult, nail polish, mani, manicure, lacquer, nude, nails

We used to LOVE getting gel manicures—I mean, who can resist chip-free polish that lasts 2+ weeks?—until we discovered the negative side effects. Damaged, brittle, paper-thin nails? So not worth it.

Thankfully, we now have another option: Smith & Cult nail polish. Their innovative, 5-free formulas offer high-gloss, long-lasting perfection without any of the damaging effects of gel. Seriously, their polishes stay pristine for an entire week on both our hands and feet, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for us. We’re also obsessed with the thin, easy-to-use brush that makes painting your own nails a breeze, the gorgeously packaged bottles that look fab on our vanities, and their brilliant, high-fashion shades.

Here’s what b-glowing staffers have to say about Smith & Cult:

“Not only do these polishes last forever, but the bottles are so incredibly beautiful. I love creating little vignettes on my vanity with the polishes and my jewelry. It’s a very “I Enjoy Being a Girl” moment.” – Holly, Senior Merchandising Manager

Smith & Cult, nail polish, mani, manicure, lacquer, nude, nails

“I seriously LOVE Smith & Cult! I didn’t believe it when they said no chipping, but after 2 weeks, I am a believer! ” – Nina, Multimedia Designer

“What isn’t there to love about these polishes? Not only are they super pigment-packed, but they deliver ultra long-lasting color—I’m talking longer-than-your-gel-manicure type of staying power.” Erica – Merchandising Assistant

Smith & Cult, nail polish, mani, manicure, lacquer, grey, nails

“Lasts forever! Does not chip!…and the colors are amazing! I am taking it to the salon with me to ensure that my mani/pedis stay put and I am not being exposed to a lot of chemicals.” Jennifer, Merchandising Manager

“The only nail polish I’ve found that makes me look like I live a glamorous life while enduring through the less dazzling moments….like cleaning the kitchen. This nail polish refuses to break down when life gets real.” – Linda, Senior Accountant

Smith & Cult, nail polish, mani, manicure, lacquer, red, nails

“Smith & Cult nail polish acts almost exactly like Shellac—it can take the wear and tear of the week with grace and not show a single scratch. ” Juli- User Experience Specialist

“I feel like there’s almost a flexible quality to the polish, so it never seems to chip, even after several days of wear. I wore this on vacation and it lasted through days of saltwater and sand.” – Erika, Creative Director

Smith & Cult, nail polish, mani, manicure, lacquer, hot pink, nails

Sold on Smith & Cult? Shop all their polishes (and makeup!) here:

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  1. I like my nail polish at least 5-free, doesn’t chip that easily and long lasting. Smith & Cult just check all the 3. This is next on my list of nail polish to try.

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