Our Top 5 KORRES Skincare Products


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Updated 6/17/2019

Hankering for a trip to Greece, but don’t have the green to drop on a getaway? We feel you. But before you book that expensive flight, why not try one of our tried-and-true tricks for satisfying wanderlust: stepping into the bathroom, reaching for some KORRES products, and letting the botanical formulas transport you to the Greek islands.

Started out of the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, KORRES blends millennia-old beauty traditions with the latest scientific breakthroughs. The brand is thoroughly steeped in Grecian heritage, drawing much of their inspiration from the country’s abundant supply of native flora. (Fun fact: there are over 6,500 different plant species in Greece alone). To find the highest-quality herbs available, KORRES employs a team of plant hunters—yep, plant hunters—to map out native ingredients. What’s more, they’re passionate about conservation, working in tandem with Greek communities to both sustain and protect endangered plant species.

Free from mineral oil, propylene glycol, and silicone, KORRES ’s powerful-yet-pure formulas deliver clinically proven results. We can’t get enough of the fresh botanical scents, gorgeous apothecary packaging, and of course—the beautiful results. Below, we offer reviews of our Top 5 KORRES faves:

KORRES Lip Butter
KORRES lip butter is one of our top KORRES products

If you’re looking for the perfect one-and-done lippie, look no further—this sheer balm not only prevents and relieves chapped lips but also provides a gorgeous, no-fuss flush of color. Infused with shea butter and rice wax, the ultra-rich, buttery formula drenches lips in lasting moisture, leaving them supple, smooth, and kissably soft. The versatile balm creates a shiny, subtle wash of color in one swipe, but—if you’re craving more drama—can be built up for stronger payoff. These must-have butters comes in four mouth-watering flavors, and make the perfect everyday lippie for those with a chronically dry pout.

KORRES Showergel

KORRES shower gel

A rich, moisturizing lather + mood-boosting scent = a shower gel that will have you singing. KORRES’s ultra-hydrating body wash is the perfect way to start your morning, giving skin a delightfully deep cleanse that leaves it feeling soft and silky—not tight, dry, and stripped. The benefits keep flowing even after you turn off the tap, too—the gel formula is chalk full of emollients and humectants, creating a long-lasting moisturizing effect, and helping maintain skin’s natural moisture level. What’s more, each decadent shower gel contains vitamin C and E, zinc and antioxidant enzymes to enhance skin’s immune system, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and reduce the visible signs of aging. Talk about a body wash upgrade! Oh, and don’t even get us started on the tantalizing scents—there’s over 20 to choose from, ranging from fruity to floral, and they’re all to die for.

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

We’re no stranger to slathering on highlighter and bronzer for a faux-glow, but what if we didn’t have to fake it? Enter this brightening oil from KORRES: packed with proven radiance-boosters like ultra-concentrated vitamin C, rose petals and wild rose oil, it’s your secret to getting the glowy, even-toned skin of your dreams. Used daily, the silky oil promotes collagen synthesis, provides antioxidant protection against free radical and UV damage, helps diminish dark spots, refines skin texture, and creates an overall luminous, covetable complexion. Translation: by adding this one step to your routine, you’ll never have to rely solely on makeup to score your lit-from-within glow.

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

Greek yoghurt is our favorite morning snack, but who knew it was also a skincare savior? This creamy, protein-packed cleanser harnesses the power of Greek yoghurt to gently purify and nourish the skin, leaving it soft, supple and soothed. Yoghurt isn’t the cleanser’s only beneficial ingredient, either—the multitasking formula also contains amaranth seed extract and sunflower oil to reduce redness, moisturize and protect the skin. The result is an ultra-indulgent, ultra-creamy, ultra-delicious face wash that removes even the most stubborn makeup with ease.

KORRES Black Pine 3D Sculpting Firming and Lifting Super Eye Serum 

When an eye cream promises to defy gravity, we pay attention. This breakthrough formula harnesses the power of Black Pine to minimize signs of aging and create the appearance of a firmer, more sculpted eye contour. You can use the ultra-gentle formula across the entire eye area, including the eyelid, for 360-degree contouring. Beyond visibly lifting and reducing the appearance of fine lines, the super-powered serum also tackles dark circles, bags, and puffiness. Infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, it replenishes the sensitive eye area for a bright, youthful, and fatigue-free appearance. The best part? The refreshing eye serum is so light, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

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4 thoughts on “Our Top 5 KORRES Skincare Products”

  1. Well, I’ve never used any of the korres products that you listed as being the top five but I would try them. I have used the korres body butter in Sea lavender. I can’t say enough about the body butter it is absolutely some of the best if not the best, body butter I have ever used so yes I would definitely want to try the other products from korres thank you so much I have just ordered another one of the body butters and we’ll be trying some of your other skin care products in the future. My skin is so soft from using your body butter! Thank you again Terry Amerson

    1. Hi Terry,

      We’re also in love with the KORRES Body Butter! Try using their shower gel and the body butter to keep the scent lasting all day. Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!

      Best wishes,
      [email protected]

  2. I just got the Olive body lotion. The body butters and the Olive lotion is heavily fragranced.
    They are nice but l wonder if it actually hurts skin in the long run.

    1. Hi Denise,

      This can be tricky topic and really depends on the person! A lot of cheaper, heavily perfumed products can cause damaged to the skin over time, especially if you have more sensitive skin. It’s important to know what ingredients go into the products that you’re putting on your body! KORRES uses natural active ingredients that are skin and environmentally friendly, in order to make products with as high of a natural content as possible while still being effective and safe.

      If you have any questions regarding body care, we are always here to help!

      Best wishes,
      [email protected]

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