What to Look for in a Quality Hair Dryer


The right hair dryer can mean the difference between smooth, sleek locks and dried, damaged tresses. The more often you use a hair dryer, the more the quality of your styling tool matters. The logic follows – the better the dryer, the healthier your hair. A quality hair dryer such as those made by T3 reduces the amount of heat your hair is exposed to and saves you from constantly buying expensive conditioning treatments.

Here are some essential features to look for in a quality hair dryer from T3 or any other high-end brand:

Ionic technology. Your hair carries a natural positive charge; ions have a negative charge. When you use a hair dryer with ionic technology, the charge in your hair becomes neutral. The result is smooth hair that has less frizz.

Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a mineral that increases the ions in a quality hair dryer by up to six times. Tourmaline power in a hair dryer will reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair and will give your locks more shine.

Ceramic. Ceramic in a quality hair dryer helps distribute heat more evenly, providing additional protection from heat damage and frizz. High-end brands such as T3 incorporate ceramic materials to keep hair healthy in the long term.

Cold-shot button. This button turns off the heat coils and circulates room-temperature air. Cold air helps set your style and gives it long-lasting hold.

Multiple heat settings. If you have fine, delicate hair, blasts of super-hot air can dry it out. Multiple heat settings give you the power to choose the best temperature for your hair type.

Diffuser. A diffuser is essential if you have wavy or curly hair. This hair dryer attachment diffuses the heat from the dryer to reduce airflow. The result is frizz-free waves or perfectly formed curls without the fear of looking like you traveled to the 1980s for a bad perm.

While a quality hair dryer such as the T3 Featherweight will cost you more than a typical dryer you might find at the drug store, the results will pay for themselves. Your hair will thank you for your investment.

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