Which tool to choose: Foreo or Clarisonic?


The Clarisonic and the Foreo are superpower powerhouses in their own right. These legit ladies, in equal measure, Get. The. Job. Done. But how do you know which one is best for you?  To help with your decision, below are reasons why we love each. Which would you choose? 


Why We Love the Clarisonic Mia 2

Enter the Clarisonic, the Grand Dame of cleansing brushes. We’ll put it this way: if the Foreo is Chloe Sevigny, then the Clarisonic is Meryl Streep. It offers exceptional deep cleaning with 2 speeds, leaving your skin brighter and softer. You have the option to select different oscillating brush heads for different skin care needs, including brush heads for normal skindeep pore cleansingdelicate skinacne cleansing, and sensitive skin. Clarisonic is an award-winning skincare staple that we’re over the moon for. 


Why We Love the Foreo Luna

We love the Foreo because it’s gentler than a facial brush and exfoliating scrubs. It offers 2 vertical T-Sonic™ modes—a higher pulsation for a deep clean and a lower pulsation to treat wrinkle-prone areas (you’ll want to use the opposite side of the Foreo for the stellar anti-aging massage). The soft Foreo silicone brushes are designed within the tool, so there’s no need to purchase other brushes for this product. Major plus. It’s also known that silicone offers a more hygienic clean because the bristles are easier to clean than a bristle brush. We’ve found that just a quick rinse after use cleans the bristles, but, for all you uber clean freaks out there, you can even put your LUNA in the dishwasher! The LUNA is also so durable that you don’t have to replace the brushes over the lifespan, which keeps things simple. It’s a cool design. We’re 100% fine with the fact that some of our significant others thought it was another kind of device, more appropriate for the bedroom than the bathroom. On that note, the Foreo Luna just needs 1 hour to get fully charged and its power can last up to 450 1-minute uses! It’s available in 3 models tailored to cater to specific skin types: Sensitive/Normal SkinCombination Skin, and Ultra-sensitive Skin.  99% of us at b-glowing use the Foreo as our daily go-to facial cleanser. 

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