Why Your Hair Needs Sunscreen


Lavender Hair & Body ShampooWhile your hair can’t get skin cancer or become sunburned from the sun’s UVA and UVB lights, it still suffers from exposure. Being in the sun is like being under a heat lamp; your hair doesn’t have to feel hot to the touch in order to sustain damage. Some of the hottest names in the hair care industry – including Philip B. and Oscar Blandi – know this and have created products to keep your mane healthy and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

How the Sun Damages Your Hair

When your tresses are exposed to the sun’s rays, especially on warmer days, your hair can begin to lose its natural moisture and shine. This happens because the heat in the sun slowly breaks down proteins in the shafts that help your hair stay hydrated, flexible and healthy. If you blow dry your hair, or curl or straighten it with heated styling tools, the damage caused is exacerbated when your hair is exposed to the sun. The same is true if you have dyed your hair, had a perm or had your curly locks relaxed.

What You can Do

Just as you would wear lotions containing SPF on your skin, it’s also wise to use products with sunscreen on your hair. Begin in the shower with African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo from Philip B. This mild shampoo is color safe and has a low pH. Moreover, the Shea butter helps moisturize dry tresses and acts as a natural sunscreen.

After your shower, spray Olio di Jasmine Shine Spray from Oscar Blandi into your locks. In addition to controlling frizz and boosting your hair’s shine, the spray smells wonderful and contains natural sunscreen.

Of course, for the best protection, never forget to wear your chic floppy hat, which will help keep your face and hair out of the sun, and looking young and healthy, for years.

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