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Updated on 6/19/2019

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You’ve finally found the skincare elixir of your dreams, and there’s nothing standing between you and perfect skin… right? Well, we’ve got some news—you may be sabotaging your skincare without even realizing it. Even if you’ve found the perfect product, the wrong applicator can ruin everything. Those $4 cotton rounds you snagged at the drugstore? Yep, not as pure, white and innocent as they seem. Here’s why:

1) They are not always 100% cotton. Oftentimes, they are made from a blend of synthetics, like rayon and viscose. If you have sensitive skin, these materials can cause allergic reaction, irritation and discomfort.

2) They may contain fertilizers and bleaches. Run-of-the-mill drugstore cotton pads can leave behind bleach residues, dioxins and petrochemical additives, and who wants to put that stuff on their skin?

3) They waste product. Raise your hand if you know what we’re talking about: you squeeze your toner onto a cotton pad, and it seemingly disappears before it reaches your face. Feels like a waste, right? Well, that’s because it is!

If you’re looking to make the switch to luxury cotton, you’re in the right place. Here are a few of our favorites:


KOH GEN DO Pure Cotton – 60 Pads

These smooth, luxuriously thick pads are 100% cotton, and made without fertilizers, bleaches, or pigments. They’re ridiculous soft and fluffy, and can even be split in half to get more bang for your buck! Perfect for removing makeup and applying toner, we even use them to blot, blend, and smudge our makeup. The pads won’t rip or soak up too much product, and they don’t have the scratchy, sharp edges that cotton rounds sometimes do. Yay! Unlike cotton balls or drugstore rounds, there’s zero fluff, lint, or stringy bits left behind when you use them.



It was a big year for masks, and it seems like they’re here to stay! Emerging Beauty brand CLE Cosmetics Dry Mask Pack is totally unique and chock-full of skin saving collagen. Made from 100% medical grade cotton gauze each mask is infused with three type of high-performing collagen: Natto Gum Collagen, Acacia Collagen, and Marine Collagen. Once the mask is saturated with water and applied, the gentle formula removes unwanted debris for rejuvenated skin. Pro tip: these masks can also be used with hot water or even green tea!


EVE LOM 3 Muslin Cloths

Beauty junkies love Obsession-Worthy Beauty pick EVE LOM Cleanser. Paired with this EVE LOM Muslin Cloths they make an iconic cleansing duo. Whichever winning cleanser you choose, these woven cotton cloths work to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and tone. Dead skin cells are whisked away while the soft fibers enable skin to regenerate quickly creating a vital base for beauty products to work at their best. Better yet, they’re 100% cotton and can be reused again and again. Who knew your beauty routine could be good for the environment? Go ahead—surrender those scratchy towels and cotton rounds for something a bit more luxe.

Want to add more clean alternatives to your beauty routine? Explore our Clean + Natural collection.

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