Your New Favorite Travel Companion


We love traveling to exciting new places, but actually GETTING there can be rough. It's not just the delays, lost luggage, and crying babies—air travel comes with beauty woes, too. Between the dry, recycled air and TSA stealing our sacred beauty items, it's hard to emerge from a long-haul flight looking fresh. 

One simple way to combat a travel-weary appearance? Try and get some beauty rest while you fly. Personally, we never leave the ground without packing an eye mask—and we're not talking about those flimsy, ill-fitting masks they hand out in coach, either! Our absolute favorite is the Skin Rejuvenating Mask from Iluminage. The plush, silky  material feels like heaven on our skin, and helps us wake from our mid-flight slumber feeling both refreshed and pampered. The mask’s adjustable straps ensure a comfy yet snug fit, completely blocking out unwanted light.  Its specially woven with the brand's signature Cupron's copper oxide fibers, which are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines wrinkles. Yep, that's right—while you sleep through turbulence and bad in-flight movies, your skin gets an unexpected beauty treatment! 

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