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— for Your Age —

This might go without saying, but as you age, your complexion undergoes a multitude of changes. At 45, you’re faced with a different set of skincare concerns than your thirty-something coworker, your 22-year-old niece, or your bestie who just kicked menopause’s butt. With their clean, concern-driven skin care, Caudalie tackles all your age-related skin issues, keeping you covered from your teens to your 50s and beyond. Read on to discover your custom regimen and score the complexion of your dreams—at any age!

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- if you are in your -

Cramming for exams, trying to maintain an active social life—being a teenager is stressful enough without adding skincare issues to the mix. Thanks to hormonal changes, your skin may become a little, high-maintenance in your teens, however. (We’re talking breakouts, clogged pores, and oiliness.) The best thing to do is introduce a simple skincare routine that includes cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, then stick to it. Thankfully, Caudalie has everything you need to keep your skin calm, clear, and balanced through your teenage years:

- if you are in your -

You’re probably experiencing the best skin of your life. Enjoy it—but don’t sleep on your skincare routine, either. The bad skincare decisions of your 20s come back to haunt you in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, so pay special attention to prevention and protection. Focus on wearing sunscreen, hydrating, and not damaging your skin with too much sun and alcohol. If you do go overboard once in a while (who doesn’t!?), be sure to detox and repair. Skincare ghosts, remember? Below, the perfect Caudalie routine for a twenty-something:

- if you are in your -

Personally, we think your 30s are awesome. Your career is on track, you finally have more than $5 in your savings account, and you’ve cultivated both confidence and a strong sense of self. Okay, there is an eensy, weensy bit of bad news: our 30s are when sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines start to make their first appearances. Additionally, a slowing cell turnover rate may leave skin looking lackluster. The good news? Caudalie has everything you need to hydrate, exfoliate, brighten, and rev up your skin's collagen production.

- if you are in your -

40s are the new 20s. (If you need proof of this statement, just google a current picture of J. Lo.) When it comes to skincare in your fab 40s, this is when you really want to go on the defensive against aging. We have one word for you: gravity. Yep, you’ll start to notice its effects. As your skin elasticity and collagen production decline, put extra emphasis on firming and lifting the skin. Finally, make sure it gets extra moisture, and add treatment and protective products to your routine based on concern. Below, your perfect Caudalie picks:

- if you are in your -

Your 50s and beyond are bound to be beautiful. Why? Because confidence is the sexiest asset of them all, and you’ve had time to grow comfortable in your skin. When it comes to caring for your fabulous 50+ skin, your biggest concerns are likely dryness, dullness, and a further loss of elasticity. Choose a gentle, non-stripping cleanser, swap out your light moisturizers with something a little more heavy-duty, and introduce some potent line-fighters and firmers. Caudalie’s Premier Cru line is their most luxurious and efficacious yet, featuring a patented trio of ingredients that dramatically smooth, firm, and revitalize the skin.

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