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Caudalie Bath + Shower

In addition to being a famous cohort to peanut butter in a kid-friendly sandwich, grapes and youth are connected in another interesting way. Grapes contain potent polyphenols that have been shown to reduce blemishes, promote radiance, and help provide your skin a smoother, younger appearance. In 1993, the French company Caudalie began extracting them and utilizing these anti-aging compounds in a line of skin care products. Yes, the power of the grape reaches much further than the joys of a nostalgic lunch.

Thanks to Caudalie, you don't have to stomp a bathtub full of grapes in order to enjoy the full-body benefits. Exfoliate and smooth your skin with the Crushed Cabernet Scrub. This professional-grade Caudalie product is the perfect bath time companion. You'll feel silky and rejuvenated after a quick rinse. The Nourishing Body Lotion is a rich treatment that will leave your skin visibly firmer and more elastic after application. It improves microcirculation and can shave years off of your appearance. Those wanting all day comfort need not look any further than the Vine Body Butter. Its hydrating formula absorbs quickly and repairs the skin to keep you feeling fabulous. Caudalie has been a leader in skin care products for years thanks to the grape. Be prepared to feel absolutely deVINE. (Sorry, we had to.)


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