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Emerging Beauty

Emerging Beauty

is a place to discover the latest beauty breakthroughs — from visionary, organic luxury to regenerating cosmetic technology.

Here are heralded, leading-edge, heart-felt + handcrafted beauty innovations. All hail the nowness.

Learn more about Aether Beauty

Aether Beauty

We’ve found the holy grail of sustainable, luxury makeup and it’s made with only the best ingredients. Aether Beauty harnesses the power of crystals to create beautifully radiant makeup that’s also fair trade, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. In fact, Aether Beauty products are formulated to always be EU compliant—meaning they’ve banned over 1,300 chemicals from this unique, gemstone-infused collection.

While their impressive formulations have us swooning (we’re talking rose quartz powder, amethyst, amber, organic coconut oil, + more), Aether Beauty takes it a step further still. Their eye-catching palettes are 100% recyclable, so you can feel good about the way you look and your impact on the planet.

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Learn more about WAKSE


Let’s face it–getting rid of unwanted hair can be a painful, messy task. Luckily, waksē brings at-home waxing into the 21st century with their gorgeously gilded waxes—no waxing strips required. Waksē’s innovative formulas contain a blend of soothing essential oils to minimize discomfort while natural aloe and chamomile work to calm and comfort skin. Each wax comes in an eye-catching metallic shade for a beautiful experience from start to finish.

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Learn more about KOSAS


Amazing things happen when art meets science. Case in point? Kosås. The LA-based brand makes their lip colors by hand, blending science and art together to create high performance pigments with smooth finishes, even textures, and balanced hues.

Designed to complement all skin tones, Kosås is a simple, concise collection of the perfect reds, plums, brights, nudes, and roses. Each lipstick is buildable, offering versatile coverage that can be built from sheer to full.

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Learn more about plume


We all want Brooke Shields eyebrows and Twiggy lashes, but brow and eyelash extensions are temporary, pricey, and let’s face it—a major pain in the butt. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could up our brow and lash game at home, without any of the annoying side effects? Enter Plume’s safe, gentle, growth-boosting products. Their ultra-effective formulas harness clean ingredients and high-tech technology to give you longer, lusher, and more enticing brows and lashes—naturally, without any harsh side effects. We’re sooorta obsessed.

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Learn more about Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose

Actress-turned-blogger Shiva Rose leads the kind of life we can only dream of—green, gorgeous, and totally holistic. So, you can imagine our excitement when she decided to share her beauty secrets with the rest of the world. Enter SHIVA ROSE the brand: an 100% natural, bespoke skincare line made in small batches and infused with Shiva’s bountiful knowledge of balms and oils. Each efficacious product is created from the freshest, all-natural ingredients, and smells seriously amazing.

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Learn more about Gulsha


Roses: we love them in giant bouquets, in gardens, and in vases—we love them scattered all over our beds and sprinkled in our bathwater. But when it comes to the world’s most romantic flower, our favorite way to experience it is through Gulsha skincare.

Harnessing the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties of rose, Gulsha's flowered-powered line enhances both the wellbeing and the beauty of your skin. And thanks to the brand’s proprietary distillation process, each product in the Gulsha range contains super-high concentrations of pure and active rose oil, making it as efficacious as it is addictive.

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Learn more about Davroe


We wouldn’t DREAM of washing our hair with dish soap, so why do we use shampoo that contains the same basic ingredients? Ick! Formulated without any “nasties”, Australian-born Davroe makes plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free products that are safe for the planet AND your hair. Finally, we can enjoy a killer coif with a clear conscience.

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Learn more about Uma


Ayurvedic (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) is the foundation of Uma oils. For centuries the Uma estate in India has farmed and crafted the world's finest essential oils using traditional Ayurvedic passed down over hundreds of years and many generations.

Founded by Indian born Shrankhla Holecek, each bottle of Uma oil is the culmination of rich tradition, powerful science, and love. This coveted collection goes beyond restorative skincare—working to positively impact your wellbeing and decrease stress. Packed with pure botanicals, these oil blends alleviate daily skin stressors to restore balance to body and mind.

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Learn more about Air Repair Skincare

Air Repair Skincare

We’re careful about the chemicals in our skincare products—but there are tons of environmental stressors that can leave skin feeling irritated and looking, well, dull. Air Repair skincare is specially formulated to fight back against the elements to restore, heal, and protect skin. This streamlined collection is made with nourishing botanical and naturally derived extracts—so it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. It’s like giving your skin it’s very own super powers.

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Learn more about Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin

Typically, masking is a nighttime ritual—something we do alone, in private, while binge-watching Netflix with a bottle of wine. However, there’s a new kind of mask on the skincare scene—one that can be applied in the morning and left on all day. Enter Allies of Skin’s 1A All-Day Mask Beauty. This revolutionary, all-day facial mask can be worn under makeup and sunblock, protecting skin from pollution and providing benefits from morning to night. It’s stronger than a day cream (and less Jason-from-Halloween than a sheet mask), and leaves our skin looking amazing.

Curious about Allies of Skin? Their three-product line offers easy-to-use, multi-tasking formulas that work as hard as we do. Without a doubt, this is one brand you need to know!

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Celebrate International Beauty

Celebrate International Beauty

Stateside, we have our own aesthetic ideals, but we often forget we’re not the center of the beauty universe. Boy brows and strobed skin may be trending in the USA, but the beauty scene across the globe differs significantly. From the just-off-the-beach vibes of Australian ladies, to the low-maintenance mystique of the French, to the fresh, clear-skinned complexions of Korean bloggers, women do beauty differently around the world. To help expand your beauty horizons, we’ve rounded up our favorite products from around the globe.

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Learn more about BeautyGarde


Since the beginning of time, women have been batting their lashes—and brainstorming ways to make them bigger, better, and more beautiful. Specializing in innovations like eyelash serums and shampoos, BeautyGARDE is here to turn your lash aspirations into reality. Their leading-edge, lash-specific products are all oil-free, extension-safe, and guaranteed to give you the longest, most luscious eyelashes of your life.

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Learn more about The Better Skin Co

The Better Skin Co.

The Better Skin Co is the brainchild of Natalya Rachkova, an Uzbekistanian aesthetician with over 29-years experience. Handcrafted with love, history, natural ingredients, good karma, and a bit of science, the brand brings time-honored traditions to our skincare routine, helping us radiate our best skin ever.

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Learn more about Reverie


Luxury and purity collide in REVERIE—a line of luxurious haircare, handcrafted in California using the finest botanical ingredients. Bonus! The line has a scrumptious, nuanced scents and comes package in bottles too handsome to hide in the medicine cabinet

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Learn more about Iles Formula

Iles Formula

We’ll be the first to admit—at times, our hair feels totally overworked. Hair dryers, heated styling tools, chemical treatments, and dyes all leave tresses feeling dull and damaged. Luckily, Iles Formula is the hair repair quick-fix that celebrities and top stylists swear by—because it really works. Over a decade in the making, Iles Formula combines ultra-concentrated powerful ingredients into a three-step system that restores hair to its natural, healthy beginnings. So whatever you put your hair through (blowouts, balayage, and beyond)—rest assured, Iles Formula will help put you back on track.

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Learn more about CLE cosmetics

CLE Cosmetics

Based in Los Angeles but crafted in Korea, CLE Cosmetics is the perfect marriage of K-Beauty technology and LA cool-girl aesthetic. The line is minimally designed and multitasking, and is full of effortless rituals that bring out your natural, God-given beauty. In short, CLE is makeup and skincare that’s made for the modern woman and all her day-to-day style needs.

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Learn more about Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist

Luxe simplicity, earth-as-muse. Blissfully free from harmful chemicals and abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty and amino acids, we’re coveting Grown Alchemist’s organic anti-aging skin-care, body and hair care formulations. This award-winning Australian botanical think-tank is all about the science of organic beauty.

Their dedication to sustainability is not only expressed via the organic products they use, but also through their high-art minimalist packaging — lovely amber glass bottles and pet plastic.

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Learn more about Slip


We spend nearly one-third of our lives asleep, and—when we’re not sleeping—we devote roughly 3,276 hours to getting ready. (That’s enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back…22 times!) So, what if we could maximize our eight hours AND save time getting ready? Enter Slip: silk pillowcases and masks that turn bedtime into an opportunity for beauty.

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Learn more about Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro

Everyone—including us—is obsessed with Korean beauty, but there's another country we continually take cues from—Brazil! Home to some of the planet's most beautiful women, and is the unofficial "hot bod" capital of the world, Sol de Janeiro helps you unleash your inner Brazilian beauty with products for your hands, feet—and booty.

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Learn more about Argentum


Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but silver is your skin's! Try ARGENTUM's luxurious line to experience the skincare benefits of this magical, healing ingredient.

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Learn more about Youth to the People

Youth to the People

Kale, spinach, green tea and alfalfa—these ingredients are great in your smoothie, but they're also great for your skin! There's a lot of hype surrounding superfood-infused skincare, but what happens when you take all benefits of botanicals and mix in a healthy dose of science? You get Youth to the People—organic, organic skincare for a health-conscious crowd. Their custom formulations are crafted from cold-pressed extracts and local, potent botanicals, and the best science has to offer in skincare. Need more reasons to fall in love? The line is also vegan, free of parabens, colors, and fragrances, and is never tested on animals.

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