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EVE LOM Lip Balm

Receive an EVE LOM Moisture Mask (8 ml)

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A mask, rich in moisture, created to restore the skin's moisture balance and help to defend against future dryness.

Beauty routines can be so complicated that they begin to seem like a complex, magic ritual. Moisturize here. A dab of toner there. Now, a cleanser. Then, a serum. Exfoliate. Don't forget to don your special mask. Begone, curse of the crow's foot! Youthful-looking skin is ours for another day. Does it have to be this way? The renowned facialist Eve Lom thought differently. In 1985, she released a line of skin care products aimed at simplifying the process without sacrificing results. Over the 30 years that followed, the line has expanded but the underlying philosophy remains consistent. These essential formulas target the root issues important for your complexion and contain natural botanicals to provide for healthy, nourished skin.

Lips leave a lasting impression (sometimes literally for that lucky someone). So you want them to look their best at all times. That can be tough for those with dry, tender lips. Get the moisturizing EVE LOM Kiss Mix balm to keep them smooth, glossy and kissable. Those wanting a colorful alternative need not look further than the EVE LOM Kiss Mix Colors lip treatment. It provides the same great benefits in different colors ranging from a pale nude to bright red. So your lips will feel fabulous whether you're staying in to read or hitting the town.


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