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EVE LOM Makeup

Eve Lom is a name synonymous with her iconic balm cleanser - the first of its kind. That cleanser, which has been working magic on skin like ours for over 25 years, is known for its accompanying muslin cloths, detailed instructions and great results. But Eve Lom isn't a one-hit wonder. She has a variety of great products to help to improve your body's skin as well as your face. Now, Eve Lom is branching out with makeup products.

The Eve Lom Kiss Mix is a lip treatment that helps to make your lips look glossy and kissable. It soothes chapped and dry lips and gets your pucker in peak kissable condition. No wonder this lip product is so highly touted by Bustle, Teen Vogue Online and Health Magazine.

This Eve Lom lip treatment also comes in three colors. The Eve Lom Kiss Mix Colors shades of Demure (light pink), Lippy (peach) and Cheeky (dark pink) go well with every skin tone and contain the same power-packed ingredients that the original Kiss Mix does. This lip treatment moisturizes your lips as it adds a pop of color. You can use these products separately or combine two or all three of them to make your own unique lip color.


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