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EVE LOM Face Masks

Skin care masks are the height of spa-like pampering. You apply the mask to your face, then let it work its magic while you lounge in the tub or on the couch reading magazines, or even go to bed. The best part about these masks is that you don't have to do anything but apply said mask and it will get to work repairing and restoring your skin.

EVE LOM products are well-loved because they are simple and holistic, and EVE LOM skin masks are no exception. A great one is EVE LOM Rescue Mask, a clay-based mask with camphor and almond extract that works to improve your complexion by ousting impurities and lessening redness and irritation. It is great for dry, stressed-out skin - and the stressed-out person under that skin who could also use a bit of relief!

If your skin needs more moisture (and whose doesn't?), we recommend EVE LOM Moisture Mask. This one is specially formulated to deliver deep, long-lasting hydration to dry skin, and to keep on hydrating long after it has been applied. It helps to balance out the moisture levels in skin, and it even works to brighten that skin, making you look healthier and more vibrant. And who couldn't make a little extra time in their schedule for that?


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