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EVE LOM Skin Care Kits

While many makeup and beauty brands have a "the more chemicals the better" stance when it comes to their products, EVE LOM goes in a different direction. World-renowned facialist EVE LOM's goal is and has always been to make products that are clean, simple and holistic. Her skin care kits are no exception to this rule.

EVE LOM skin care kits have everything you need to bring out your inner beauty, without all the harsh chemicals present in some other leading beauty products. EVE LOM's The Radiant Ritual kit, for example, contains four EVE LOM classics that will have you glowing in no time. This kit includes Cleanser, which removes makeup and impurities while gently exfoliating; Kiss Mix, a lip treatment specially formulated to leave your lips feeling softer; Brightening Cream to increase the brilliance of your skin; and Rescue Mask, a weekly, deep-cleaning mask to help restore dull or dry skin.

EVE LOM skin care kits have everything you need in one box. If you have been neglecting pampering your skin, this could help you to get back into a routine, if only because it is just so simple and easy to keep up with.


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