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EVE LOM Facial Treatments

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A universal moisturizer, suitable for all skin types and concerns.

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We put our face through a lot every day: We apply harsh makeup. We scrub it too hard in the shower. We subject it to rough wind and hot sun and free radicals in the environment. So it is no surprise that our face could use a little extra TLC every now and then!

The best way to show your face some love is to do a facial treatment. We particularly enjoy EVE LOM Time Retreat Face Treatment. It re-animates tired, dull skin and reduces the signs of aging while preventing more from forming. With regular use, fine lines and wrinkles are erased and new ones are held at bay. Skin irritation is soothed as well, leaving you looking younger and brighter.

We also love EVE LOM Dynaspot, a spot treatment that corrects imperfections and promotes healing without drying out the surrounding skin. This is great news for women with dry or sensitive skin that makes it difficult to treat or prevent acne or blemishes. This treatment targets and treats acne using all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil, and soothes irritation and swelling with chamomile and fennel. You can apply it either under or over your makeup as well, making it convenient and easy to use.


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