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FOREO Cleansers

Not content being satisfied after the smash success of the original Luna™ facial brush, FOREO has continued to innovate with impressive skin care product offerings. Featuring multiple facial cleanser options for both women and men, FOREO is determined to provide you with the complexion you deserve. Their Day Cleanser for women is a nourishing cream-to-foam formulation that will leave your skin radiant. Ready yourself in the morning by applying this invigorating product and protect your skin all day from impurities. Then unwind during the evening with a treatment of FOREO's Night Cleanser. The gel-to-milk design removes your makeup and leaves the skin soft. It offers a relaxing cap to any stressful day and will have you prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring. FOREO even has a Cleanser for Men so that your guy won't feel left out of the fun. Its gel-to-foam composition is perfect for either day or night use so he can enjoy a rejuvenated face at any time from a single product. All of these FOREO cleansers should be used after a treatment with the FOREO LunaFOREO Luna Pro or FOREO Mini for the best results. We think that this combination provides for exceptional exfoliation, cleansing and moisturization. Put your best face forward by giving it a try.


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