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You might not know it, but your lips are very sensitive! They have fewer layers of skin than the rest of our face. It means the nerves beneath them are closer to the surface. This is great for kissing, but not always so great for everything else. Lips can very easily become dry and damaged, and this does not make for a very attractive smile or improve our confidence.

The key to keeping your lips smooth, soft and pretty is a good, regular lip treatment. IT Cosmetics has some great options, such as IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment. This lip treatment is infused with essential oils and butters to give you soft, beautiful lips along with a light pink tint.

Its goal is to rejuvenate the skin on your lips, reduce signs of aging and damage and restore your natural lip color. The balm glides smoothly over your lips, making application quick and easy, leaving you with a pretty, perfect pout.

Use it daily to reduce and prevent signs of damage from weather, sun, dry air or too much of that kissing we all love so much!


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