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Grown Alchemist Hair

Grown Alchemist hair products are made with the highest-quality, all-natural botanical ingredients. From soft and hydrating conditioners to strengthening shampoos, Grown Alchemist hair products are full of rich essential oils and therapeutic aromas. Whatever your hair needs, make the decision to have a great hair day every day with Grown Alchemist.

From chemical dyes to heat styling to environmental pollutants, a lot gets thrown at our hair. Help those loved locks feel stronger, healthier and radiant with Grown Alchemist's Strengthening Shampoo. This packs a punch by thoroughly cleansing while also repairing dry or damaged hair.

We all need a great conditioner to help our hair recover and to prepare it for whatever comes its way. Grown Alchemist's Strengthening Conditioner is specially formulated to repair weakened hair, nourishing and strengthening it, too. This conditioner hydrates and strengthens, leaving hair soft, shiny and more resistant to harmful chemicals. Does your hair feel uncontrollable? Grab Grown Alchemist's Anti-Frizz Conditioner to detangle, smooth and style. The light, absorbable formula will leave your hair clean, sleek and full of natural and smooth curls.


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