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Gulsha Cleansers

The right cleansing routine leaves skin purified, balanced, and bright. And Gulsha cleansers and exfoliators are now exception. Packed with skin-loving fatty acids and nourishing essential oils, Gulsha skincare revitalizes skin for a fresh, glowing complexion.

For perfectly cleansed skin, we love Gulsha Soothing Rose Micellar Water. This refreshing micellar water is infused with pure rosewater to cleanse and moisturize. The sensual scent of natural rose intoxicates the senses as the toner is crisp and refreshing to the skin.

Brighten and smooth skin with Gulsha Purifying Rose Dust—a dried rosebud powder that cleanses and exfoliates. The dried rosebud powder foams when it comes in contact with water delivering a gentle scrub with the precious scent of rose.


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