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Around the World Collection - Limited Edition

$ 8

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  • Description

invisibobble's traceless hair ring, now in fresh, beautiful, artist-designed colors.

• Eliminates kinks. Shaped like a telephone cord, the Invisibobble places uneven pressure on hair, guaranteeing you won't have any ponytail dents or kinks.
• Won't pull, tug or cause pain. The distribution of pressure eliminates headaches and painful pulling.
• Reduces split ends. The Invisibobble grips hair securely yet gently, reducing breakage, split ends and tangles.
• Made from hygienic, antiallergic material.
• Compatible with all hair types.
• Limited edition, artist-designed shades. 

The invisibobble grips hair firmly yet gently, holding it in place without feeling tight or uncomfortable. It's perfect for creating a messy bun, topknot or a loose ponytail, it can be worn all day without creating kinks or creases. What's more, it eliminates scalp pain, tugging and headaches that come from wearing too-tight hair ties.

We love a good ponytail, but they've been known to cause problems. You know what we're talking about…pulling, tugging, kinks and ridges in our hair. Plus, traditional elastic bands can cause breakage, split ends, and tangles. No thanks! That's why we're currently obsessed with the invisibobble. It gets rid of traditional ponytail problems, holding our hair tight all day without causing soreness, breakage or irritation. The best part? The invisibobble now comes in cool, new, limited edition shades. These collectables—joining the Permanent Collection—are limited and designed by "invisibobblistas" themselves. Each different color was selected and designed by talented, highly artistic designers from from Austria, Belarus, the Netherlands and Portugal. Cool, right?