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Permanent Collection

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A revolutionary hair ring that puts an end to ponytail problems like kinks and dents.

• Eliminates kinks. Shaped like telephone cords, each loop places uneven pressure on hair, guaranteeing you won't have any annoying ponytail dents.
• Won't pull, tug or cause pain. The distribution of pressure helps you avoid headaches and painful pulling.
• Reduces split ends. Holds hair securely and gently, resulting in less breakage and tangles.
• Made from hygienic, antiallergic material.
• Compatible with all hair types.
• Each box contains 3 invisibobbles.

The invisibobble grips hair firmly yet gently, holding your 'do in place without feeling tight and uncomfortable. Perfect for creating a messy bun or a loose ponytail, it can be worn in hair all day without leaving behind any kinks or creases. What's more, it virtually eliminates any scalp pain, tugging or headaches that result from too-tight hair ties.

Ponytails, messy buns, braids…harmless, right? Wrong! More often than not, ponytails result in soreness, dents, breakage, and sometimes even headaches! Plus, that tell-tale sore feeling? It actually means your hairdo is too tight for your follicles, creating weakness and vulnerability to the hair around your temples. So, what's a girl to do? We can hardly be expected to live without our ponytails. invisibobble to the rescue! These revolutionary hair ties are shaped like little telephone cords, and place uneven pressure on the hair, eliminating ponytail dents and kinks. What's more, they hold hair firmly but gently, resulting in fewer tangles, split ends. Oh, and you can kiss that scalp soreness goodbye.

Synthetic rubber.