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IT Cosmetics Contour

The makeup technique known as contouring emphasize certain parts of the face through different makeup shades. It used to be something reserved only for models and reality show stars, thanks to professional makeup artists. But contouring kits are now available to the rest of us, and IT Cosmetics made sure that anyone can achieve what celebrities do.

IT Cosmetics has two contouring kits - complete with an easy to understand how-to guides - that can help you look like you're about to walk the runway yourself. Like all IT Cosmetics products, they can also cover problem areas as they contour your face.

We love both IT Cosmetics contouring products and found the kits easy to use. IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face universal contouring palette became a nationwide phenomenon because it is easy to use and goes well with most skin colors. We've seen beauty mavens rave about this product on YouTube. This talc-free product contains four contouring colors and two highlighters, along with an easy how-to chart to follow.

You Sculpted! is the latest IT Cosmetics contouring kit. It contains Perfect Lighting technology that acts like fillers to make the contours look natural. Simply follow the enclosed instructions to learn how to make your face look its best. Genius.


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