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IT Cosmetics Makeup Concealer

IT Cosmetics, short for Innovative Technology Cosmetics, is true to its name. This fresh brand delivers clinically tested ingredient formulations that offer real cosmetic solutions. Just ask Jamie Kern Lima, the founder of IT Cosmetics. As a lifelong sufferer of hereditary rosacea, Jamie needed her own serious cosmetic solutions when she began her career as a news anchor in Studio City, California. The bright studio lights amplified her rosacea symptoms and the traditional "full-coverage" formulations of the day only made her complexion look worse. Taking matters into her own hands, Jamie teamed up with a group of expert plastic surgeons and IT Cosmetics was born.

IT Cosmetics formulates innovative cosmetics that bring out the best in your skin while refining your complexion in the long term. Get ready for the double hit of flawless coverage and complexion renewal with the IT Cosmetics' line of makeup concealers. You'll be saying no to breakouts with the Bye Bye Breakout™concealer. This one-of-a-kind concealer does the double duty of covering up your blemishes while treating them at the same time. Providing natural-looking coverage that won't crack or crease, this concealer nourishes and heals skin with the unique formulation of collagen, zinc oxide, kaolin clay and witch hazel.


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