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IT Cosmetics Face

Jamie Kern Lima founded IT Cosmetics in 2008 after teaming up with a group of leading plastic surgeons. As a news anchor and sufferer of hereditary rosacea, she was fed up with the traditional "full-coverage" formulas that cosmetic brands were offering - they left her complexion looking caked-on, unnatural and even worse than before. Jamie needed some serious coverage that could help her complexion in the long run. That's why she founded IT Cosmetics. Short for Innovative Technology Cosmetics, this brand of cosmetics uses clinically tested ingredients to formulate products that bring out the best in your skin.

Why choose between flawless coverage and improving your complexion at its core? With IT Cosmetics' line of makeup products for your face, you don't have to choose. Say goodbye to big pores with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores® Pressed. This award-winning poreless finish HD micro-powder now comes in a portable, pressed formula. Bye Bye Pores® Pressed creates an airbrushed finish that sets your foundation and absorbs oil to get rid of shine.

Get ready to celebrate with IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation®. This is the signature full coverage, anti-aging powder foundation from IT Cosmetics. This hydrating silky-smooth powder will nourish your skin while giving you that flawless finish that you've been after.


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