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IT Cosmetics Sponge + Brush Care

If you aspire to be your most beautiful you, IT Cosmetics has exactly what you need. Founded in 2008 by Jamie Kern Lima, IT Cosmetics is an innovative - IT stands for Innovative Technology, so it's right there in the name! - industry leader whose products have earned rave reviews from just about every beauty publication under the sun.

This sparkling reputation is well earned, as each formula utilizes cutting-edge technology and years of knowledge from leading plastic surgeons. You'll become obsessed with how natural and stunning you look.

If you've ever forgotten to clean your makeup brushes for a few weeks, you'll know exactly how dirty and shabby they can get. Not only does this result in an uneven application that can leave streaks or clumps, but it also can spread bacteria. This can lead to blemishes you otherwise you would not have gotten.

When the goal is presenting the most beautiful you to the world, you can't afford to be causing preventable imperfections in your skin. Make sure to disinfect your brushes at least once per week with the IT Cosmetics Brush Love solution. The makeup will dissolve nearly instantly, and the cleanser dries quickly so that you can use it even if you're in a hurry.

Now there's no excuse for not regularly maintaining your brush set!


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