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IT Cosmetics Clean + Natural

We know that you will love facing the day with IT Cosmetics Clean + Natural options. IT Cosmetics was developed by founder Jamie Marie Kern Lima in collaboration with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to give you that healthy glow that you want. Did we mention that Jamie's products are hard-working multitaskers that are solutions-oriented and targeted to address our most pressing beauty and skin care challenges?

Lip color is more than a basic in our wardrobe. It is a necessity. Finding and investing in the right color that also hydrates and tones our lips can be a challenge. We were delighted when we discovered IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Butter, a creamy, rich coverage that delivers a long wearing flush of color that nourishes and hydrates. Add long-wearing definition to your lips with YLBB Lip Liner Stain that is also free from parabens, fragrance, talc or sulfates. YLBB Lip Liner Stain is waterproof, hydrating and creamy and lasts up to eight hours. For sweeping eyelashes that steal the show, we recommend IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara. It increases lash volume by 430 percent, and its proprietary blend of collagen, protein, Acai and peptides unite to create a mascara that doubles as a growth serum.

We believe that we have found the secret to everlasting luminous, incandescent skin: Hello Light Anti-Aging Luminizing Creme Stick. Its natural ingredients set it apart from the pack of dry, chalky highlighters. Universal color glides on without tugging or pulling on your skin. Enriched with antioxidant fight vitamins and hydrators. Apply on check and brow bones, dab onto your Cupid's bow or blend on the bridge of your nose for a dewy glow.


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