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IT Cosmetics Cheek Brushes

Defined cheekbones topped with blush and highlighter is the look of the decade. We are happy to say that we have developed expertise in sculpting, shaping and powdering our cheekbones until they cooperate and turn them into attractive blades that call attention to our eyes. IT Cosmetics helps us to get this look with great makeup and cheek brushes.

We set the stage with Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Mega Powder Brush. This big boy packs a 100,000 hair count and rubber handle and allows us the control to accurately and correctly powder our faces. This 100 percent cruelty-free synthetic brush sweeps on powder, powerfully setting the stage for our contour and our blush.

We squash the splotch with the Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush. We turn to this brush when we want to polish our foundation to a diamond-sharp finish. It evens out patchy blotchy applications and buffs our skin to a smooth diamond finish. This 88,000 hair count brush can also be used to stipple foundation. This is a must-have for foundation that is picture perfect.

Talk about hard working: The Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush #14 works triple time. It always collects the perfect amount of product and gently smooths on a glaze of highlighter, flush of blush or a touch of powdered bronzer to build up our cheekbones.


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