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IT Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

It's been one wild ride over the past 10 years for IT Cosmetics founder and CEO Jamie Kern Lima. From being a rising anchor on a television morning show who was self-conscious about her rosacea, to becoming the fearless leader of a highly successful beauty company, she has experienced a lot.

Since the company's creation in 2008, she has made it a mission to help others struggling with self-confidence become their most beautiful selves. We believe that she's succeeding more and more every day with that admirable goal.

It's easy to overlook the importance your makeup brush has on your complexion, but you should give it some more in-depth thought. Fact is, a bad brush can apply your makeup unevenly and result in unsightly streaks or clumps. IT Cosmetics brushes are high quality and feature soft synthetic bristles (no animal cruelty concerns here!).

You'll love powdering your face with the Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush #14 or standard Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush. Or go for the light, soft airbrushed look with a Heavenly Luxe Double Airbrush.

Need an easily transportable travel set? Search no further than this exceptional IT Cosmetics brush set. Whatever look you want, you can get it with the help of these fab brushes.


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