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Jack Black Bath

Once upon a time, only women had specialized skin care products that went way beyond boring square bars of soap. They were the first to use separate soaps between hair and body, and to understand the power of exfoliation and moisturizing. Then in 2000, the Jack Black brand came along, providing great skin care products for men, and getting them to the next level. Today, we've discovered a secret: these ostensibly male products have become cult favorites among savvy women who have great discernment about the top skin care goods.

So it's no wonder that Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap has become such a cult favorite not just among men, but among women who have been borrowing their man's soap and even buying it for themselves. This multitasking product cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes, and soothes, making this an all-in-one skin care soap. The charcoal provides this bar's distinctive black hue. Glycerin gives moisturizing capabilities. Seaweed extract soothes. And the jojoba beads built into the bar exfoliate.

The oval bar also is ergonomically designed to reach every square inch of your body, and the bar itself has nubs to make it do double duty as a massager. If only every product multitasked as well as this bar does!


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