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Jack Black Mens Bath + Shower

Jack Black (no connection to the "School of Rock" actor) started as a men's skin care brand back in 2000. Yet thanks to natural ingredients and unisex-type scents in this very effective product line, we started raiding our man's side of the bathroom sink to use these fast-acting items.

These days, we're still addicted to these products, like the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer. Don't let that, well, industrial name turn you off. While this non-greasy hand cream was road-tested with golfers, carpenters, and cooks, it works even for those of us with less-demanding professions and hobbies. It contains macadamia nut oil, vitamins A and E, glycerin, and eucalyptus to smooth and heal your skin.

We all want to be in control (or CTRL, as it says on our computer keyboard) in life, especially when it comes to perspiration odor. Fortunately, Jack Black's Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant gives us that control. It has a fresh Turbo Wash scent that is power-packed with its odor-blocking tech. This Jack Black deodorant feels cool and fresh when you roll it on. And it stops odors in their tracks with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal odor. So we will keep on raiding our man's Jack Black products and taking them as our own.


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