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KORRES Body Moisturizers

Receive a KORRES White Pine Meno-Reverse™ Volumizing Serum-In-Moisturizer (20 ml) $29 Value

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A targeted serum-in-moisturizer for post-menopausal women.

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Moisturized skin is happy skin! This might sound silly but it's true. Unless your skin is aggravated, you're not very likely to give it much thought on a regular day. But dry, flaky skin that's irritated or red will almost certainly keep you preoccupied and feeling like everyone's looking at your problem skin.

With that in mind, it's important to focus on maintaining your skin's moisture balance. If you can do that with natural ingredients, this is even better. You can reduce your risk of allergic reactions to harsh additives or chemical fragrances that can further inflame already irritated skin.

If creating the perfect moisture balance is something you consider important, then you're going to love the body moisturizer options from KORRES. For those of you with very dry skin, a slightly heavier-but not greasy-body butter is going to be a better option. KORRES' Body Butter offers 10 yummy scents that will hold up over the course of a day so that you don't need to reapply.

Shea butter will help to give you a much-needed moisture infusion and softens your skin's texture while the creamy texture absorbs quickly. If a butter is a bit much for you, then KORRES Body Milk still provides all the moisturizing qualities you need in a long-lasting moisturizer while also helping you achieve a radiant glow thanks to the added vitamins.


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