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KORRES Bath + Body

KORRES all-natural products call to mind the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean, rustic tables laden with cheeses and handcrafted bread. We, are ready to go, are you? If a trip to Greece isn't in the cards right now and even if it is, we can still enjoy the benefits of KORRES's artisan body care products that address our concerns about dry, flaky skin and hardworking hands.

If you are like us, we are as concerned about our hands as we are about our face. We slather on sunscreen daily to protect our hands from photoaging. Still, our hands are regularly being exposed to the elements and tend to get cracked and dry. Enter KORRES's Hand Cream, rich in shea butter and almond oil. We love giving our hard-working digits a special treat by massaging them with this lightly scented, hydrating product.

What's better than squeaky clean? Squeaky clean that smells good and that does great things for your body. KORRES Shower Gel does just that. Enriched with aloe and available in 15 scents KORRES Shower Gel can lift your mood while conjuring up the Greek countryside. Add an extra hit of hydration with KORRES Body Milk Available in three fragrances. Two feature pepper to get your senses rolling.


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