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KORRES Face Wipes

Finding it difficult to maintain your skin care routine while traveling, on-the-go or after an extremely busy day? You're not alone, and KORRES has you in mind. KORRES Pomegranate Cleansing & Make-up Removing Wipes are the perfect solution for ideal on-the-go cleansing. These gentle cloths are travel friendly, and really get the job done, removing makeup and impurities while cleansing your skin for a revitalized, fresh look.

Many makeup products can be nearly impossible to scrub off, especially at the end of a long day. An infusion of pomegranate and vitamin E, these all-natural wipes tighten the appearance of pores, tone and refresh skin and eliminate stubborn makeup.

KORRES locally sourced infusion of ingredients has come together to create the standard for skin cleansing and easy makeup removal. Now you can travel with the confidence that you will be maintaining your skin care regimen or, if you're just busy, you can have the confidence that these oil-free wipes will minimize your pores and remove the dirt and impurities from the day.

Imagine having an entire facial cleanser within one wipe that removes unwanted oils and leaves your skin clear of greasy residue. Trust us, your pores will be grateful!


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