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Tail Comb

$ 28

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  • Description

A fine-toothed, salon-style comb perfect for detangling, styling, teasing and parting hair.

• High-quality. This exquisite comb is hand-made in Switzerland from the finest celluloid material in the world. The same grade celluloid is used in Italy to make designer jewelry, hair ornaments and eyewear.
• Gentle. Each Mason Pearson comb is hand made by hand, ensuring optimum smoothness and quality. The fine teeth are meticulously cut one at a time, then refined and polished until there are no sharp edges in sight. The result? Totally tug-free combing.
• Great for styling. The thin tail allows for the most precise styling, effortlessly parting hair or pulling pieces into an updo.
• Ergonomically designed for easy handling.

The fine, tapered teeth have rounded edges that smooth out tough tangles without traumatizing your tresses.

There’s a reason hairstylists love a rattail comb--not only do they smooth and detangle, they come with special styling powers. Seriously, this comb is our secret weapon for nailing up-dos and complicated braids. The thin tail-handle picks up hair sections like nobody’s business, while the super-fine teeth can be used to tease and add volume. The best part? It’s simply a great comb, that does great things for our hair.