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ORIBE Bronzer

Receive a Oribe Curl Gelee for Shine & Definition (15 ml) $10 Value

Free with full-price Oribe orders of $35+

A silky, hydrating curl jelly that tames, shapes, and styles, making coils more manageable.

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We packed our bags, and we're ready to go, just in case we get the unexpected invitation to go glitterati lounging on the French Riviera. Tucked inside our makeup case is Oribe's Illuminating Face Palette so we can get that sun-kissed look on in a matter of minutes. Oribe is one of the most prestigious hair care and makeup names in the world, making it double travel-worthy.

The illuminating Face Palette features hydrating ingredients to soothe and nourish our skin. Essential oils of bergamot and ginger add a bit of a tingle. We love how it applies in smooth, velvety strokes (no streaking!) for that perfect, peachy, goddess look.

Oribe's bronzer is backed up by a duo of shimmer and highlighter that add dimension and curve to our cheekbones. These gems are in an elegant architectural case that adds cache to our luggage. Available in two shades: Moonlit and Sunlit.

Moonlit complements cooler tones, while Sunlit complements warmer tones. Some rules, as we all are aware, are meant to be broken, so why not mix it up between the two palettes? All six colors look great on our eyes as well as our cheeks.

We have also been known to dust the bronzer across our décolleté and to tap the highlighters on our collar bones. This gluten-free formulation comes with no parabens, sulfates or phthalates.


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