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ORIBE Cleansers

Receive an Oribe 3-Piece Set $30 Value

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Includes Maximista Thickening Spray (20ml), Dry Texturizing Spray (30 ml) and Superfine Hair Spray (30ml).

Combining the latest and greatest innovative technology in hair care with gentle ingredients derived from nature, Oribe offers some of the most high-performance and high-quality hair care products available today.

Created by a famous hairstylist renowned in Hollywood and the world of high fashion, Oribe has become synonymous with luxury hair care. And it's no wonder - their amazing formulations combine the beauty of form and function.

Oribe hair care products are the result of over 30 years of hair care experience and true craftsmanship. These products have repeatedly passed the test on the set, the runway and the red carpet.

And with packaging that could be its own work of art, we're head over heels for the one-of-a-kind hair care offered by Oribe. We're even more excited about Oribe because they're now offering a line of Skin Care Cleansers just as high-performing as their top-shelf hair care products.

Start your day off right with Oribe Daily Ritual Cream Face Cleanser. When used daily, this gentle face cleanser helps balance and maintain your skin's natural moisture. Refresh your skin and give yourself a burst of radiance while removing makeup dirt and impurities from your skin.

This cleanser is so gentle, it won't disturb your skin's natural oils, giving you a healthy-looking complexion.


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