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ORIBE Night Creams

Receive a Oribe Curl Gelee for Shine & Definition (15 ml) $10 Value

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A silky, hydrating curl jelly that tames, shapes, and styles, making coils more manageable.

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When you hear the name ORIBE, you think of high-end hair styling products and amazing hair. Oribe Canales is known as the hair stylist to stars like Jennifer Lopez. He is a star in his own right, as he has been working his magic on hair for decades. And his products are in high-end salons throughout the country, bringing luxuriously styled hair to people in the know. But ORIBE products are not just about hair these days. He also makes amazing skin products as well. So when you think ORIBE, think beauty, not just for hair but for your face and body as well.

We have champagne wishes and caviar dreams after using the ORIBE Night Ceremony Ultra-Rich Cream. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous! Simply apply this product before bed after washing your face, and wake up to skin that is refreshed and rejuvenated. This cream even contains caviar - caviar lime extract, that is, along with peptides and antioxidant raspberry extract. This skin care product reduces fine lines and other signs of aging as well as providing skin protection. It also improves skin elasticity and tone as it makes your skin look more radiant. Which is why we love this moisturizer.


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