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ORIBE Hair Brushes, Combs + Accessories

Hair. We play with it, we twirl it through our fingers and, when we're fed up or desperate for a change, we chop it off - sometimes regrettably. We all want excellent quality products and tools that can help us to look and feel our best.

And many of us know the literal pain that can come from cheap tools that pull and tug at our hair, or pins and clips that break apart because they're poorly made. You demanded quality, and the team at Oribe heard your cries. Oribe has become a brand within the beauty industry that earned its popularity with its high-quality hair care products and styling tools.

A hairstylist founded Oribe, so naturally the brand prioritizes quality styling products and tools that go the distance and can pull double duty. This can range from everything from superior bristles in their brushes to ensuring that the brush itself has a great hand weight.

A perfect example is Oribe's Large Round Brush. It gives you that covetous volume you want in a blowout while also encouraging shine, thanks to its boar bristles and nylon pins. And as a part of smart design, this round brush comes with an extension on the end to create the perfect part.


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