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ORIBE Hair Tools

Whoever said a woman's hair was her crown certainly said a mouthful. Whether you rock short and spiky or long and flowing hair, we understand that you want your hair to look perfect from the minute you leave the house until the time you return home.

And part of nailing the perfect coif is in having the right tools to achieve that look. Oribe was initially a hair care brand, and because of this, they know better than most how essential the right products and tools can be to create a look that makes you feel confident enough to face the day and - of course - feel beautiful.

When you're ready to create a sleek style, you will most definitely need the right tools for the job. Get that trusty blow dryer or flat iron, but then what about your brush? This is where Oribe's got you covered!

Their Flat Brush offers you the firm grip you need while also infusing sleek shine into your hair thanks to the boar bristles and nylon pins stimulating your scalp. As an added bonus, this brush just looks lux and will put all of your drug store brushes to shame!


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