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ORIGINS has been making plant-based skin care and makeup products way before that was mainstream and cool. Even their symbol is plant-based. It consists of two trees symbolizing yin and yang, and exemplifying the company slogan: "Powered by Nature. Proven by Science." They also put their money where their mouth is in pushing the power of plants, helping plant over 500,000 trees throughout the world. And they're still looking for the best in nature, constantly testing new formulations in the ORIGINS Natural Resource Laboratories.

William P. Lauder (a grandson of makeup legend Estee Lauder) was the founding president of ORIGINS, and the company has come a long way since its 1990, well, origin. While the company first became a cult favorite thanks to their charcoal skin care mask, ORIGINS is also known for its makeup magic.

We love the ORIGINS Lip Remedy Soothing Lip Saver for the way that this soothing lip balm smooths out rough patches on our kisser and adds much-needed moisture. The camphor and menthol in the product helps repair sore lips. This portable lip treatment is a great way to make our lips look luscious and kissable. No wonder it's become a cult favorite among fashionable mavens in the know.


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