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Being out in the sun has some benefits for us. We literally couldn't live without the sun, and we need the Vitamin D from sunlight to keep us healthy. That's why they call Vitamin D the Sunshine Vitamin. Sunlight also is a mood regulator. It's why people can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the dark days of winter.

But it's a tradeoff: The sun can also damage our skin and lead to premature signs of aging. Which is why sunscreen is the best anti-aging product you can use. You can enjoy the sun without it damaging your skin.

Since ORIGINS is all about natural products that protect our skin, it's fitting that integrative medicine physician Dr. Andrew Weil, a name that is synonymous with health and wellness, is the name behind the company's Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Defense Advanced Daily UV Defender SPF 45.

This is the world's first-ever sunscreen made with 100% non-chemical ingredients. In addition to protecting against harmful UV rays, it also contains Opuntia Cactus Extract, which strengthens the skin. This sunscreen goes on easily and feels lightweight and non-greasy, despite its heavy-duty power against the sun.

We think it's a must-have not just for beach days, but for every day.


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