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Perricone MD Makeup Primer

We're not embarrassed to admit that when we first started wearing makeup, we didn't know what primer was, or that it was something we should be using. As it turns out, primer can make all the difference for a smooth makeup application that lasts the test of time. Don't believe us? Swipe on some makeup without a bit of primer and see whether it lasts more than a few hours. A good primer is key for your makeup style. Many people may think that your foundation is the base of your look, but it's actually primer.

Think of it like a secret first step that ensures your makeup application is much easier and better. A good primer should serve to create a smooth surface for your makeup. Most people think of primers as serums or liquids, but Perricone MD breaks those stereotypes with their balm version, No Makeup Instant Blur Primer. This takes your makeup to the next level by shrinking pores or blurring imperfections. It does all of this without leaving your skin feeling oily or greasy thanks to the powder finish. Designed in a compact case, this primer is travel friendly and can easily slip into your purse or gym bag.


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